Requiem for a queer

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Qualcosa che non c'è

"Tutto questo tempo a chiedermi
Cos’è che non mi lascia in pace
Tutti questi anni a chiedermi
Se vado veramente bene
Come sono

Così un giorno
Ho scritto sul quaderno
Io farò sognare il mondo con la musica
Non molto tempo
Dopo quando mi bastava
Fare un salto per
Raggiungere la felicità
E la verità è

Ho aspettato a lungo
Qualcosa che non c’è
Invece di guardare il sole sorgere

Questo è sempre stato un modo
Per fermare il tempo
E la velocità
I passi svelti della gente
La disattenzione
Le parole dette
Senza umiltà
Senza cuore così
Solo per far rumore

Ho aspettato a lungo
Qualcosa che non c’è
Invece di guardare
Il sole sorgere

E miracolosamente non
Ho smesso di sognare
E miracolosamente
Non riesco a non sperare
E se c’è un segreto
E’ fare tutto come
Se vedessi solo il sole

Un segreto è fare tutto
Come se
Fare tutto
Come se
Vedessi solo il sole
Vedessi solo il sole
Vedessi solo il sole

E non
Qualcosa che non c’è"


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Falling down

"Once was a man who consumed his place and time
He thought nothing could touch him
But here and now it’s a different storyline
Like the straw he is clutching

Why has the sky turned grey
Hard to my face and cold on my shoulder
And why has my life gone astray
Scarred by disgrace, I know that its over

Because I’m falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?

Howl at the wind rushing past my lonely head
Caught inside its own motion
How I wish it was somebody else instead
Howling at all this corrosion

Why did the luck run dry
Laugh in my face, so pleased to desert me
Why do the cruel barbs fly?
Now when disgrace can no longer hurt me

You see I'm falling down
With people standing round
But before I hit the ground
Is there time
Could I find someone out there to help me?"

Mr. Timberlake, you're fucking right.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So, here I am again to tell about my obsession.
Today, for the first time, I've seen Him wearing jeans.
Do I need spend more words about it? Yes, I do.
Just before he got to his office door one of the secretary approached him teetering on the high heels, eyelashes afluttering.
You know, his suits always fit his toned body, his muscular thighs so perfectly that I should not have been so surprised of what my eyes were staring at. While he was there standing near the girl I've eyed his sculpted, heart-shaped ass, and I've moved slowly down his legs, careful not to miss an inch.It was like seeing him for the very first time and I've followed his stride longingly as he walked past my place.
I was amazed.
So what else can I do but hover in the doorway, waiting for him calling me for the daily duties?
-Please sit down. Please don't ask me to come in if you're still standing showing the world how sexy can be a man wearing faded jeans-. It was my personal pray to God.
"Hallo?". His voice broke my daydreams and I blushed as I meet his annoyed glance. "Are you still in Dreamland?" he asked.
"Er, kind of" I mourned trying to ignore that the daylight, filtering through the french window, was blocking out his bust wrapped in his thin white shirt.
"Well wake up. We have a lot of work to do here" he told making room on his desk.
-Okay, who's first? Me the one on the desk while you drive deep in me?-
"Do you need a coffe?" he asked.
- No. All I need is you.-
"Erm.. no, thanks. It's ok" I lie while I sit on the chair and I switch on my laptop. "I'm ready".
It's true, I cannot be his lover but I can be his perfect assistant.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm in love with him.
This awareness is killing me, slowly, deeply.
Everyday a tear of my sadness falls in the ocean of my love, increasing it. And everyday blood is dripping from my wounded heart, turning this ocean red.
His piercing glances are arrows running me through and I'm dying against the pillar of my foolishness. A sad Sebastian incapable of run away from his executioner.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today is his birthday.
No, I haven't sent him flowers or stars this time. My present for him has been getting rid of myself.
How? Well, simple.
This morning I've suggested him a bet because I was sure a) He would never accepted b) to win.
The stake? One of his day against a full month truce of my presence. You can easly guess that this could mean very much to me (and to him!) but I was so damned sure to win...
And you know what? He agreed. And I lose.
For a month I'm going to say only what is strictly necessary to work and disappear when I'm done.
I accept my defeat but I wonder if he would have paid honour to the bet in case I'd won.
One of his days? I don't belive he really feels inclined to do something like that. Not at all.
Wanna bet?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back again

I have been so busy (and serene) that I've forget to tell you about last months.
Well. He invited me for a dinner and he asked me sorry for his bitter behaviour. After that evening all has gone better. He has allowed me to be little closer to him. He sometimes counts on my help and I'm happy to please him. Until the last week was all perfect. I was satisfied, calm and self-confident.
But now. He has received flowers. In his office.
I think I never seen him so irritated. Well, I can understand him: he's so a reserved person and I'm sure he was embarrassed becouse anyone wondered: "Who?", me at first.
Gosh, I'm on tenterhooks...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm happy! Really really really happy!
I've won this match =)
Him vs Me= 0-1
Next days for explain =)